The Ripple Effect of Theatre and Why Discomfort is Key

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3 min readOct 27, 2021


When we named our organisation Ripple Effect Artists, it was not a coincidence. We were intentional about picking the name and wanted to ensure that the name reflects our mission for we intend to cause a ripple effect. Each year we address key themes through our various stage, radio or movie productions and whilst the themes and the projects change every year, the idea behind it all is always the same: To harness the power of theatre to cause a ripple effect in society. Each of our productions is accompanied by actionable points that our audience can leverage to make an impact of their own, each of our productions contributes to a charity that is working to further the cause we have highlighted and each of our productions is accompanied by experts that work to spread awareness of those issues. Some may say that our productions cause discomfort and that is completely intentional. We think discomfort is key to expanding our understanding and we leverage its power where it is necessary.

Why do we do this? Read on to find out:

She Has A Name by Ripple Effect Artists

We Aim to Educate

Every time we plan a production, we think about it from the point of view of the audience. Not only do we think about how you, our audience will perceive the production but we also like to think about what else we could tell you about the topic. We like to think about the education that can go along with the production and that is where the experts come in. We do our research and make sure to invite accredited experts in their fields to share their knowledge with our audience. With this simple touch our productions go from creating awareness and being entertaining to being educational.

We Create Avenues for Action

The best time to act is when a person is feeling inspired. At Ripple Effect Artists, each production supports a charity that is dedicated to that very cause. Along with our message we include an awareness exercise about how people can volunteer, donate, sign petitions and get involved with the charity we are supporting. We believe that when we bring people to raise awareness, they are also inspired with a number of options on how to channel their energy. Now, that is what we call making a real difference!

We Take Everyone Along

At Ripple Effect Artists, we are all about inclusion. We take everyone along and live by the principles we preach. We are a flat organisation where the message is key and no one is hierarchically higher than the other. This is our small way of contributing to the society we intend to create.

And whilst we love to talk about how we do things and why we do them, what we love best is to hear about how an example set by us inspires people to spearhead change in their own lives! So, keep changing, keep growing and keep inspiring!

Jessie Fahay for Ripple Effect Artists. Jessie is an actress, playwright and author who is heavily invested in bringing about societal change through the dramatic arts. After years of working in Educational Theatre, as a public speaker, actress, author, graduate student, and her work with Landmark Education and United Global Shift, she has developed an even stronger commitment to making a difference through her love of theatre and appreciation for theatre-education as a vehicle. Thus, Ripple Effect Artists was conceived. With a committed team of Board Members, Actors, Directors, and Theatre Lovers, Jessie has seen her wish of pushing audiences from apathy to action come together and hopes to continue inspiring change in generations to come.



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